Mike's Success Story

I started my CPA Practice in 2003 and like most acquired small clients with lower than market fee structure.  As time went by, I realized that I had too many clients with too many problems.  I had problems receiving relevant documentation on time, lack of discipline by clients and little respect of my profession.

I was overwhelmed and picking up the slack for incompetent team members, dealing with clients that fought me on my fees and struggling to meet every tax and accounting deadlines before I flat lined.  I was struggling with meeting client expectations, missing tax deadlines; constantly putting out fires and not able to grow my practice with quality and high profit margin clients.

I realized that that I had significant issues:

  • Shortages of competent staff; Shortages of number of Staff due high cost of salary and benefits
  • Lack of system that gets the work completed timely and accurately.
  • Tracking matrix (MIS Reports) with priority tracking
  • Procedures to prepare and review the work
  • Spot bottlenecks

Today, I operate from two offices; Westbury, NY and Colonia, NJ. I have delegated my entire practice to my Global Delivery Center (AMD Integral, Inc.) with departmentalized functions that operate efficiently and systematically for weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual tasks and deadlines. I have matrices that track progress of the work in real time through efficient MIS reports.

I am truly passionate about supporting your growth.

“My Clients are happier. My revenues have increased and I am now able to spend some fun time with my grandson every day! Thanks to the system created by AMD!”

-Mike Hassanali, Managing Director, AMD Integral, Inc.

Accounting Firms and Companies benefiting from AMD Integral:

“They are our go to team every time we need a strategic project to be completed (Cash Flow modeling, Labor costs Analysis, K-1 Distributions Analysis, Cash and Tax Based Financial Statements, etc.). We love that they have flexible pricing structure. Helps me save a fortune!”

-Taheraly Group, NY
Group of Wholesale, Retail and Real Estate Operations

“We struggled with completing our client’s accounting on time. Since collaborating with AMD, we have increased our efficiency in resolving client issues on time, prepare, and complete tax returns more efficiently. We have more time to focus on our advisory services with increase in revenues of 200%.”

ECS Group, Long Island
Accounting and Tax Firm

“AMD assists our Accounting firm with all of our accounting functions, from back office accounting to client financial statements. Their team has become an integral part of our team. They are extremely detailed-oriented and act as another level of review that complements our quality control process. They recognize that our commitment to provide clients timely and accurate service often depends on their commitment to us. Once accounting data is uploaded to the portal, AMD immediately responds and their tasks are often finished the following morning when we arrive to the office. Our firm productivity has increased dramatically and we’ve achieved significant time savings that has been channeled to enhance tax and strategic planning for clients, areas that truly add value in our relationships”

-Sal Ahmed
New Bestway, NY
Accounting & Tax Firm

Mike’s outsourced Company provides us with Accounting, Tax and Audit readiness-Outsourcing services. His firm took the time to fully assess our ills before prescribing a cure. Their high-level strategic view was ‘right on’, and with their expert help, we are now on a solid course for financial improvement.”

Bankai Group, LLC
Global Telecommunication Company