Solutions for Accounting Firms and CPA's

Is your CPA or Accounting Firm
struggling with one or more of the below issues?

Seven out of Ten do.

  • Desire a better work life balance from your current hectic schedule
  • Struggle to find qualified & reliable staff when you need them
  • Constant struggle with high costs of operations
  • Pressured by clients to lower fees
  • Desire to focus on high-level advisory and CFO services with better profit margins
  • Excessive stress for on time completion of clients’ tax return work
  • Keeping up with the latest tax and accounting rules and regulations


  • Working long and hard
  • Stress causes mistakes, lack of urgency, missed deadlines, disrespect by clients, and arguments
  • Dissatisfied clients as accounting and tax returns are not done on time
  • Low profits and rising costs
  • Practice never reaches its full potential

How growth focused Accounting Firms overcame
issues by partnering with AMD

Customized Services

AMD delivers accounting and tax solutions with a full range of services that can be customized based on the CPA and accounting firm’s unique business needs


AMD’s Global Delivery Center office is owned and operated by the CPAs in the United States. We do not outsource your work to any third party service providers

Experienced Team

AMD team members have 5+ years of accounting experience with advanced Excel and Data Analytics knowledge. We focus on constantly training our team in accounting and tax laws

Data Security

Data and sensitive client information is protected and stored on our secured servers based in NY and NJ. Only authorized staff have permissions to access your data

Software Specialization

AMD uses latest industry software and up-to-date technology. We are proficient with all versions of QuickBooks, Peachtree, Intuit Pro-Series, ATX, NetSuite, Lacarte and Xero

GAAP, Auditing & Tax Compliance

AMD keeps up with GAAP, auditing and tax compliance. We stay on top of ever changing complex state & federal regulations & laws

Client Retention

AMD will work with you to identify flexible pricing models so you do not have to lose business or clients due to your fee structure. Partner with AMD and earn deserving profit margins together

I started my CPA Practice in 2003 and like most acquired small clients with lower than market fee structure. As time went by, I realized that I had too many clients with too many problems…

Mike Hassanali, CPA, CGMA