Value Realized

Driving Business Value by Partnering with AMD

Time Value:

  • Allows to plan round the clock operations.
  • Data Processed & critical reports prepared overnight.
  • Allows you to focus on your business rather than on back office functions.
  • Streamlining priorities to avoid loss of business.
  • Save time from running the business & invest time in growing the business.
  • Time spent on managing administrative staff, hiring, evaluation, etc.

Business Value:

  • Cost Advantage
  • Save on Infrastructure and Technology for outsourced staff.
  • Access to Skilled Resources for expansion at short notice.
  • Time Zone Advantage.
  • Business continuity planning inbuilt as you have teams working at offshore location.

Staff Value:

  • Highly Skilled Staff & already have experience working in US Processes which minimizes the cultural gap.
  • Wide Range of Industry experience from Finance & Accounting, AP / AR Support & Business Operations which includes customer support, Data Processing etc.
  • Understanding of Best Industry Practice & same help us in consulting approach for process improvements.
  • Right Level staff for different requirements

Cost Value:

  • Lower cost of operations by 40%. This is even true for Jr. Accountant level staff in USA.
  • No Overhead Cost, Employee Benefit Costs, etc.
  • No Training & Hiring Cost